working is for suckers



that is the life, isn’t it folks? all snuggled up, sleeping in a nice, tight ball on a bed of cushions. all while your humans are out there, toiling in traffic, making the cheddar and putting kibble in the bowl and a roof over your furry head. suckers.

charlie’s got himself a suh-weet deal. but i don’t begrudge him that. he is a cat, after all. okay, maybe a little bit, but only when i get chipped away at by work and by life.

but it warms my black, black heart when i come home from work and he’s raced to the door (with sean) to happily greet me, being his adorable self and purring like a racecar engine.

still, the day may come when he and jonesy might not be living the carefree life they’ve grown accustomed to. we gotta put them to work and make that bank. no more free rides.

everybody loves cat videos, right? think we missed the boat on that one? ha.

ps. every time i look at this picture, i’m reminded of chapterhouse’s whirlpool albumcover?